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KnowThyself Inc. liberation through Montessori education workshop series.
Meeting the needs of the liberated child: Saint, Scientist and Servant workshop series.



This workshop series illuminates how Maria Montessori's charge for the Montessori guide to be a Saint, Scientist and a Servant provides a framework for the  anti-bias lens necessary to respect the rights, the dignity and nurture the liberated child “By Any means necessary.”


Participants will have an opportunity to take a deeper dive into this interactive three-part live series with world-class professional ABAR educator Koren Clark. The sessions will take place on Jan 22nd, Feb 8th, and Feb 26th.  This series is the first of its kind that has been piloted training centers all over the nation. Participants will receive a deeper understanding of their own identity and how to utilize the Montessori philosophy as a tool for social justice towards the liberation of the child.

Participants will receive recommended book list pre-work articles and specialized Publications including authentic Montessori written and co-authored by Koren Clark, Angeline Lillard, and Virginia Mc Hugh.

Part 1- The Saint recognizes that they are casting a shadow that will become the culture of the classroom as soon as they step foot in it.


Participants will learn more about Maria Montessori’s philosophy of the saint and how their values shape the intricacies of our shadows and their effects on the liberated child.

Part 2- The scientists learn how to shift their lens to observe and nurture the identity of the liberated child.
Participants will examine the role normalization and self-actualization play in shaping the liberated child.

Part 3- The servant recognizes how to be of service to the liberated child by any means necessary.
Participants will discover what they are truly in service of by learning how to manipulate their intent and purpose as well as the Montessori content they use in a movement toward cultural responsiveness.


Spaces are limited and a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Montessori Gambia project where we will be building Montessori bridges grounded in liberation and African pedagogy in the Gambia next summer 2021. 


“We declare our right on this earth, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being in this society, on this earth, on this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”


The mission to decolonize education using Montessori as a vehicle of liberation for children of African descent doesn’t stop at our borders.

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Authentic Montessori or Keepin' it real? Series

These workshops are based on a piece of literature called, "Authentic Montessori and Contemporary considerations." written by, Angeline Lillard, Virginia A. Mc Hugh, Koren Clark, and Margaret J. Kelley.


During the era of Black liberation and COVID we explore will the five key features of authentic Montessori that allow us to keep it real with the times and use authentic Montessori as a vehicle for anti-bias liberation.

Authentic Montessori or Keepin' it real? 

  • Authentic Montessori as a real vehicle of anti-bias liberation. (*only offered individually 2-3 hrs.).

  • Nurturing social emotional hygeinine for social justice within authentic Montessori.

  • Normalization: A force of self actualization or self eradication in authentic Montessori?

  • Coding COVID and antibias within authentic Montessori.

  • Building muscles of 3 c's- cultural relevance, constructionism, and critical consciousness.

  • Nurturing activists: Helping children solve real life problems through practical life solutions.

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The Identity Development of the Liberated Montessori Child.

These workshops focus on helping participants create space for children to understand who they are and construct their own diverse healthy identities.

The identity Development of the liberated Montessori child.

  • Who am I? Cultivating Diverse identities. (*only offered individually 2-3 hrs.)

  • Cultural responsivity in Action.

  • KnowThySelf diversity training.

  • A Cultural perspective of kinesiology in a Montessori classroom.

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KnowThySelf Data & Assessment Workshops

These workshops are based on the years of research and administration training in a public Montessori school. These are workshops are equity-based with the knowledge that data helps give a story to those who are otherwise invisible in our Montessori classrooms.

KnowThySelf Data & Assessment workshops:

  • Data Analysis: How to create a school-wide data collaboration.

  • The Whole child rubric: measuring soft skills in Montessori.

  • Math: A common core and Montessori marriage.

  • Realizing the vision: Montessori and common core.

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KnowThySelf Inc. Specialities

These workshops are specialty workshops that are based on various research and passion projects I have done within the field of Montessori.

KnowThySelf inc. Specialties:

  • Montessori roots Historical truths:  African indigenous radical roots within the Montessori pedagogy (*only offered individually 2-3 hrs.).

  • Cosmic intimacy: A Montessori model of human growth and development (*only offered individually 2-3 hrs.).

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