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KnowThySelf Inc.

The true meaning of education is the unleashing of what is within.


In Service of Educators Who Serve The Liberated Child

Build educators who can tap into their wellness and remember who they are, so they can serve the Liberated Child.

Humanize and strengthen your Liberatory Lens, discover essential Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist practices, and contribute to the next generation of change-makers.

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Access the expertise, educational knowledge and wisdom of Koren Clark though her extensive years in the industry.

About Us

KnowThySelf Inc. provides educational materials and professional development designed to assist children in their self-discovery journey.

Our Services

KnowThySelf Inc. offers a wide range of services for educators and businesses, including workshops, trainings and Montessori materials for your classroom!

Meet Our Founder

Koren Clark, MEd is an Oakland, California native. She is a Montessori-trained guide and coach with over 25 years in the field of education. She calls herself a human here to humanize and believes in the power of activism through education as a way to activate our humanity. Koren is a writer and a speaker who explores the ways educational practices such as Montessori can be of service to Anti Bias, Anti Racist, spiritual and liberatory practices. Read her latest piece entitled "The Butterfly Effect."

Koren Clark, MEd, (she, her, hers)

Koren founded KnowThySelf Inc. in 2014 to provide educational materials and professional development organization that helps children develop the critical conscious muscles necessary to construct their identity and unleash their true potential. In addition to her work at KnowThySelf Inc., Koren currently serves on the board of Montessori Life, the Black Montessori Education Fund and is a partner with Wildflower Schools, where she helps teachers develop liberated teacher-led Montessori micro-schools. In her spare time, Koren enjoys spending time practicing healing arts such as reiki and yoga, and spending time in nature with her three children.

Meet The Team

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Nicole Dixon

Production Coordinator


Donna Ricketts

Social Media Manager

A Conversation about Montessori Education for Liberation

  • Spotify

Season 1 Ep 1: A Conversation with Koren Clark

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