Welcome to KnowThySelf Inc. where we provide educational materials and professional development designed to assist children in their self-discovery journey.

Our materials provide children a mirror reflecting the most essential parts of their identity, and a window allowing them a greater understanding and appreciation of the people around them. Let us celebrate all the diversity the world has to offer. Enjoy shopping KnowThySelf Inc.

Our workshops are all designed to help participants understand how the key elements of the Montessori philosophy and method can be used to nurture the development of a liberated, self-actualized, anti-racist child.

Koren Clark, MEd is the designer of KnowThyself Inc., an educational materials and professional development organization that helps children develop the critical conscious muscles necessary to construct their identity and unleash their true potential.

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Koren Clark, (she, her, hers) MEd


Education as a vehicle of liberation.