KnowThySelf Inc. offers culturally relevant Montessori materials, designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children by any means necessary. We offer high-quality Montessori educational materials designed to fit your child's needs in and out of the classroom.


KnowThySelf Inc. materials provide children a mirror reflecting the most essential parts of their identity, and a window allowing them a greater understanding and appreciation of the people around them. Let us celebrate all the diversity the world has to offer. Enjoy shopping KnowThySelf Inc.

Knowthyself Inc. workshops are all designed to help participants understand how the key elements of the Montessori philosophy and method can be used to nurture the development of a liberated, self-actualized, anti-racist child.

"Either education contributes to a movement of universal liberation by showing the way to defend and raise humanity or it becomes like one of those organs which have shriveled up by not being used during the evolution of the organism." (The Formation of Man, Maria Montessori.) 

Our Team

Meet Koren Clark, M.Ed., CEO and co-founder of KnowThySelf Inc.


Koren brings her vast experience in education, community and social services work alongside her skills in teacher training and coaching.


Ms. Clark is a Montessori guide, school founder (Lotus Blossom Academy), and designer of KnowThySelf Inc., which offers Montessori materials and professional development.


Koren is also a partner for Wildflower schools, where she helps teachers develop Montessori micro-schools. Koren holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley and a Master's in Montessori education. She has a California teacher certification and an administrative credential from New Leaders. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I).

Meet Nicole Dixon, Production Manager and co-founder of KnowThySelf Inc.


Nicole is an educator, artist, and community advocate.  She is the Preschool Head Teacher at Nia House Learning Center in Berkeley, CA, where she has honed her craft with a diverse group of children since 2005, and served on its non-profit board of directors for 10 years.  


She graduated from Spelman College in 2002 with a BA in Studio Art, and is a nationally exhibiting artist.  Her art practice has taken her as far as the Kalahari, as a guest lecturer.  She was a 2013 Growing Justice Institute Fellow with People’s Grocery, a nationally renowned non-profit in West Oakland, where she received training as a food justice leader.  


In her work with KnowThySelf Inc, she creates curriculum materials that enable educators and parents to teach children about their identity, cultural competency, various societal-isms, and their agency for change. Always Montessori inspired, Nicole draws upon her experiences as an educator, artist, and activist, and weaves them together for community empowerment.


Oakland, Ca 94605

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