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KnowThySelf Inc. offers professional development and culturally relevant Montessori materials designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children by any means necessary. We also offer high-quality Montessori educational materials designed to fit your child's needs in and out of the classroom.

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"Either education contributes to a movement of universal liberation by showing the way to defend and raise humanity or it becomes like one of those organs which have shriveled up by not being used during the evolution of the organism."

- Maria Montessori, The Formation of Man


"Very insightful!"

"I really enjoyed the hands on approach to teaching."

“learned the importance of teaching youth to appreciate themselves as well as life skills that I can use to improve my everyday life. I think the training was helpful and powerful." 

"I really enjoyed and appreciated this training. It really allowed me to open up within myself, which I know will essentially allow me to open up to the kids. Thank you so much you were an inspiration and a blessing.”

“This training has been so helpful, especially for me because I had always felt that the more people know about me the more they can hurt me, * but I realize that what I tell you isn't going to hurt me, it's healing me. So I appreciate this whole training and I Hope it continues for much, much longer."

"The training was more than a lesson that I used to help children, it helped me grow up and know myself, by understanding how to go into myself beyond the eye's view and with that I know I will go farther than 1 thought I could. So you built me up by teaching me to build someone else."

"This was an integral and self-defining training. I felt the importance of every one of the seven gateways of illumination. I have felt connections spiritually both past and present and I must say thank you. I am internalizing what I have learned. I am most confident the youth will gain life-long knowledge and wisdom about self and life. This is a cure for youth-The healing process."

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Shifting Our Lens: Education Re-Examined

This is a space where we will come together as a community of educators and parents to explore new ideas, thoughts and share wisdom about the education of our youth. This not a space for personal business promotion.

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