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KnowThySelf Inc.’s workshops were birthed in a public Montessori school classroom with topics that push against data analysis through “the whole child rubric,” common core Kinesthetic Math and Montessori By Any Means necessary to Montessori Roots, Historical truth that illuminates the history of African pedagogy that resonates with Montessori. The workshops can be delivered individually, in a series or customized.


Montessori Materials

KnowThySelf Montessori materials were developed in a 3-6 and 6-9 classroom in an effort to teach children about the vast potential of their inner curriculum that consists of their mental, physical and spiritual anatomy. The materials are designed to help children marinate in their own essence and become inoculated against the socially constructed toxins of society. A few of them include the human migration cards, environmental phenotype advantages cards, the large stamp game, and the subtle bodies nesting blocks.



KnowThySelf Inc. provides liberatory strategic development for schools, organizations and businesses. Koren Clark leads the strategic development of liberatory businesses and organizations in service of the liberated child by creating a material and liberatory culture audit, working directly with school leaders and helping them to form an inclusive equitable liberatory accountability plan.


Speaking Engagements

As an acclaimed liberatory speaker, Koren Clark has given keynotes and talks at conferences and universities around the country. Koren is known for her spiritual and transformative approach to topics from racial justice, liberatory education, and raising liberated children. She has collaborated with national schools such as UC Berkeley, international schools in several continents, the  American Montessori International, AMS and other influential groups and conferences.

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