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KnowThySelf Inc. offers multiple integrative Montessori trainings for educators, parents, administrators, and businesses, all in service of the liberated child!

Liberatory Montessori

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Participants will have an opportunity to learn and embody a new pedagogical approach called “Liberatory Montessori” taught by Pedagogist, liberatory worker, and Montessorian Koren Clark. A "Liberatory Montessori Practice" is centered around the belief that there are key aspects of Montessori pedagogy that can be used as tools for our transformation and liberation.

There is 12-week KnowThySelf Liberatory Montessori training CEU credits are available in some states. 

Spots fill up fast!  If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, contact us.

Participants will:

  • Move from being a self reflective “prepared adult” to a transformed “liberated adult.” 

  • Find the ingredients that liberatory consciousness in your classroom.

  • Discover how to meet the needs of the liberated child.

  • Discover the “Observation with Equanimity technique.”

Launches June 2023

African Pedagogy and Montessori

Join me in a 12 week, 4 module training where you will learn the philosophy and practice of key African educational principles, ethos and worldview that can inform an emergent and transformative approach to education in your classroom today.


Coming Soon!

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