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What do we do with ourselves and our children?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The question, “What do we do with ourselves and our children?” is popping up in everyone's mind right now. How can we stay calm, centered and productive while doing the same for our children? And how can we do this all while nourishing the parts of ourselves and our children that feed off of connection in an era of complete physical isolation?

In just a few weeks our lives changed forever with the COVD 19 outbreak. We are suddenly operating as new beings within this new reality. A reality that many of us didn’t usher in, didn’t ask for, didn’t welcome and simply don’t know what to do with. Like any growing living being, as our environment changes we change. New parts of ourselves are forced to emerge as we adapt. New habits form and others are cast aside. We are now forced to not only become masters at new habits such as expert “hand washing.” We are also forced to master the skill of staying nourished and connected for the health and well being of ourselves and our children.

KnowThySelf’s mission is to support this quest for connection and self knowledge. We help develop spaces and tools for folks to unleash all that is within our human potential. Our mission is borne from the reality that we are all ethereally connected to ourselves, each other and our earth. So often it is difficult to connect to even the moment we are in because we are busy thinking about the last moment and want to rush into the future moment. We can not both think about the moment and be in it at the same time. I am inviting you to spend this time engaging in activities that help you and your children embrace your essence in this moment, reconnect with the earth and others in the spirit of compassion. Tools that help you and your children BE.

KnowThySelf is providing you and the children you serve with an SOS toolbox to get you through hard times, so that no one loses their connection and self expression during this time of fear and unrest. We are offering you a way to create space where healing and education can meet at the root of our being. It is the place where cognition meets intuition. Where you can learn with your heart and fill your mind up with the rhythm of the universe- A place and space for true learning and liberated expression can happen for you and the children you serve.

The SOS tool box allows you to stay connected to self, others and form salience in your self actualization, take time to observe and connect with others from a space of compassion and critical consciousness, and share with all those around you in a way that ushers in change.

S.How do you can stay connected to yourself:

Recognize the power of your breath. This Pandemic is affecting our lungs, our breath, and our collective life source. Yet simply paying attention and giving gratitude to the subtle work of our breath is healing. We can ground ourselves in the breath of life which is a force of vitality that fills us up without our request. Slow intentional breath with a long inhalation through the nose and an even longer exhalation through the mouth clears our body of tension and oxygenates our cells which hold the lactic acid of our stress.

There are a series of breathing techniques that you can do depending on what your needs are. The cleansing breath, the energy breath, the clearing breath, and the fire breath.

In my next blog post I will be talking about each technique in more detail starting with "the cleansing breath."

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