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KnowThySelf Inc. has started a book club to collectively assist in the growth and nourishment of your consciousness.


February 2020 Book of the Month!

“I just started reading this book! It’s amazing! It focuses on a deep understanding of the social-political landscape that our American school system is built on. A must-read for all educators.” -Koren Clark.

Did you read it? Share your thoughts. 


March 2020 Book of the Month!

"I love this book by Bell Hooks who used to teach with my mom at UCSC and joke around our kitchen table about the ills of society.


She says “ humanitarian dreams could be realized through education via a pedagogy of hope. “

This is the beautiful science fiction side of education if we can enter into the realm of wild radical ideas we can actualize our freedom from that place. 

Much like Montessori that has a pedagogical philosophy of peace that when actualized through method can create radical change in our society.

This reminds me of that." -Koren Clark

Did you read it? Share your thoughts. 

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